E. coli Lawsuits and Representation by an E. coli Lawyer

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with an E. coli infection, you need an E. coli lawyer to protect your legal rights. The E. coli lawyers at Pritzker | Ruohonen have extensive E. coli lawsuit experience and are ready to take the following actions if you retain them:

  1. Make sure all testing is done to link your case of E. coli to an outbreak and/or food product. A medical professional will have to have testing done on a stool sample to diagnose E. coli O157:H7, the strain of E. coli most often associated with outbreaks and recalls. If you are diagnosed with E. coli O157:H7 or another dangerous strain of E. coli, more testing will need to be done to get a genetic fingerprint of the E. coli bacteria that made you sick. This is important evidence in an E. coli lawsuit.
  2. Thoroughly investigate the medical records of the person diagnosed with E. coli. We will look for evidence of medical malpractice. We will also gather evidence for an E. coli lawsuit regarding medical expenses (past and future), pain and suffering (past and future), and future physical condition and how that will affect earning potential.
  3. Consult with medical experts with experience in foodborne illness.
  4. Consult with epidemiologists and microbiologists. E. coli lawsuits involve complex scientific evidence. Expert witnesses are required to present the evidence at trial. We have highly-qualified epidemiologists and microbiologists that we have successfully used in several cases. We consult with these experts throughout our investigation and when preparing for negotiations and trial.
  5. Negotiate with responsible parties and thoroughly prepare for trial. From the moment you retain Pritzker | Ruohonen to represent you, we do what is necessary to protect your rights and get you compensation for your injuries. We work hard to negotiate a settlement, and many of our cases are settled, including a recent case that we settled for $6,425,000. We also prepare for a possible trial. This involves preparing the expert witnesses described above and gathering and preparing evidence for presentation in court.

Pritzker | Ruohonen has a national practice and represents E. coli victims throughout the United States. To contact the firm, please call toll-free at 1-888-377-8900 or submit the online contact form.

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